VIA Holding

Fred Gerritse

Name: Fred Gerritse
Function: Managing Director

Fred is the founder and managing director of VIA Netherlands and VIA Belgium.

VIA Netherlands

Robert Schipper

Name: Robert Schipper
Function: Operations Manager

Robert Schipper is our operations manager. He has a long standing experience in the airfeight business. Robert joined the company in December 1995.

Piet Schouten

Name: Piet Schouten
Function: Operations

Mr. Piet Schouten (Cargo manager RJ) started his career with KLM in 1968. He started as a police officer for KLM and became a cargo handling and sales agent for the Pakistan Airlines. In 1979 he started working for the Royal Jordanian Airlines. Mr. Piet Schouten has been stationed in Brussels, New York and in Amsterdam. Piet has a longstanding experience in the business and has both operational expertise as well as sales expertise.

Esmee Kuiper

Name: Esmee Kuiper
Function: Operations

Esmee joined our Company in April 2010 and has extended experiences in handling of airfreight. She will assist both Robert and Wouter as Operational assistant

Matthijs Veenendaal

Name: Matthijs Veenendaal
Function: Operations

Matthijs joined the company in June 2002 and is responsible for all IT related matters. He also aides in GSA related operations. He has knowledge of the systems used by the airlines and has platform experience.

Wouter de Jongh

Name: Wouter de Jongh
Function: Operations

Wouter de Jongh joined our Company in March 2010 Wouter started his airfreight career in 1998 and worked for several forwarders

Xander de Graaf

Name: Xander de Graaf
Function: Operations

Mr. Xander de Graaf joined our company in May 2006

Folkert Veenendaal

Name: Folkert Veenendaal
Function: Sales

Joined the company in June 2006